Which reality are you living in?

Have you ever wondered if the world we’re living is all a lie?
There is no truth.
Every one of us are living in our own world.
In each world, it’s different.
I may know you in mine,
and yet you don’t even know me in yours.

What do you believe in?
Do you believe that unicorns or slender-man are real?
How do you think they are created?
Sure, imagination of the creator would be the ultimate answer.
But what if it was a fragment of our memory?
We’ve seen it but somehow it was deleted from our memory.
Or maybe it was in someone else’s world.
And we were there.
To witness it.

And what does it mean by there is no truth in the world?
Are things that are happening to us unreal?
Are we the ones who created these emotions that we feel?
What if it didn’t exist in one’s world?
How would one’s world be like then?
So many questions about this world that we’re in currently that couldn’t be answered.

Did we create Hitler?
Somehow making him kill many people.
Are we the ones who’re destroying the beautiful and peaceful world with our actions and emotions?
That, I’ll say yes.
Everyone is connected in some way,
no matter which world we’re in.

The decisions we make can affect someone in different ways.
For either the good or the bad.

The cruelty of the world.
And yet, it’s still so beautiful.
Slowly being destroyed by human beings.

What is your desired reality?

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