I need someone who’ll…..

Hug me tight, especially when I’m feeling down, whenever he feel like doing so (and during late, quiet nights)
Pat me on the head cause why not. It’s just those moments where you feel like a kid, being protected and loved. 
Offer me his jacket when I’m cold even if I reject cause I most likely would unless you just place it on me lol, or he could just hug me or cuddle with me to keep me warm. 

I just want to lie on the grass (or on the floor) beside you, looking up into the starry sky.
Perhaps we’ll end up falling asleep while our hands held tight together.
Sleeping beside you on the bed, facing towards each other.
And waking up seeing your face, soundly asleep.

We’ll share our interests, the books we read, the music we listen.
Even if they are things that we never tried to love.

We will have fun together.
Maybe with a few arguments.
But at the end of it, we know that it’s because our love for each other are too deep.

We’ll help each other through our problems.
Making each other happy even with the smallest gesture.
Knowing that your love to me is real.
Knowing that I love you with all of my heart and soul.

I’m ready for the heartbreaks and sacrificing my time to be with you
All I’m left currently is for you to appear in front of me
And guide me along the way
Even if I’m unsure of my feelings, I want you to stay there for me.
Show me how does love feels like.
For I who don’t know what is love.

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