Everyone’s Here For A Reason

It’s inspiring to see people all around the world, smiling, crying, enjoying their life and some hating theirs.

In each second, someone is in school, sleeping, using their computers, enjoying their dream, having an emotional breakdown.
Someone is dying,
Someone is born.

Just the sight of knowing someone out there is living their dream aches my heart.
The thought of wondering if I’ll ever become that person.
The thought of failure and obstacles.
Knowing that I’m not the only living through this stage of life
And yet knowing that many are living their life to the fullest.
Whereas I’m stuck here in a girls’ school
With no friends.

I’m always alone.
Not knowing what to even talk about.
Afraid of what others would think of me.
The pressure.
The anxiety.

I can walk down to Starbucks in 10min instead of 15.
Absolutely no problem.
But when I’m walking to school in 3min,
I feel a sense of anxiety.
Not wanting to leave my apartment.
Or rather, not wanting to go to school feeling left out and lost.

Sunday night.
Sleep was a problem.
I’m laying on my bed.
“Time to sleep.”
Eyes shut.
I’m still awake.
I got lost in it.
Check phone for time.
Alarm rings at 7am.

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