Amplify vs YouTube Fanfest

So people who know me knows that I go to YouTube events quite often. Meet lots of big and small youtubers around the world. Starting from YTFF in Singapore, twice, to smaller events and now Amplify in Melbourne. If I have to compare them, in which I am, YTFF is obviously better and bigger. Well they are sponsored by Google and they started in Singapore apparently which is cool. 

YouTube Fanfest is one of the biggest international event for youtubers (only) to meet fans from around the world. I went to the very first event in Singapore in May 2013. The line ups were amazing and it was well organized. It included youtubers like Ryan Higa (nigahiga), David Choi, Boyce Avenue and MyChonny. It was a 2 day event at Ritz Carlton – a hotel ballroom. When they announced about this event, they were prepared and ready to tell us all of the information we needed to know. 

Despite fans rushing in to get front row seats, I had pretty decent seats and security were fine with us sitting on the floor. People didn’t stand up, blocking others’ views. DSLR cameras were allowed in the venues (for both 2013 and 2014 events). It was also fully live streamed on YouTube so that people who couldn’t make it could watch the whole thing. 

In 2014, I won 2 days of free tickets from Scape (this was friend but she gave it to us instead cause m&g with Bethany) and David Choi. I ended up buying tickets for Troye and Tyler cause it was soon sold out for a higher price but hey, it was still worth it for 3 days. I also got to meet all of them at the airport and hotel which was amazing. Had m&g with David and Bethany. That’s cool. M&G had to be won. You can’t buy them. Therefore it didn’t take as long. Jenna Marbles and Timothy DeLaGhetto had free m&g sessions which was amazing. Everyone said my bloody looking dress was cool πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (you can get it from black milk. In which mine was fake.) 

Security were really nice to my group of friends cause we were the most calm and patient fans 😏 they legit hint us on where Jenna was gonna come out from and told us to line up in a line so that every one of us could get pictures during their departure. However the rest of the fans screwed it up for themselves. Too bad then πŸ’πŸ» However, there were no seats and they gave out way too many free tickets to people around the venue πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Overall, I loved it. Best YouTube event ever. 

Amplify. They announced at the start of this year, with more than half of the lineup not confirmed. It is an Australian event and they intend on hosting it annually. They were literally still looking for youtubers/viners/random people idek. They confirmed Connor Franta and Troye Sivan (with a few others I think I can’t remember) and hinted that they’re gonna have international, millions of subs, never been to Aus before, youtubers. Ended up being just Ricky Dillon and Andrea Russett. With the rest of the line ups being local and Jamie Curry from New Zealand. From the whole line up, majority only knew Troye, Connor, Ricky, Andrea and Tyde. Some knew Jamie and Little Sea. The rest, not as famous and a viner??? I’m no longer calling it a YouTube event with so many random people. They only confirmed the lineup 1 week BEFORE THE EVENT. For Melbourne, Shani didn’t do a thing. And Chloe. Like where the fuck were they in the show. Why are they up for m&g then? 

YES. THE PRICE. IT AS $186 FOR EACH M&G TICKET. WTF. I paid $200 for 2 tickets for YTFF and managed to win so many competitions. Learn from them instead please. However, good part is that there are seats. So you don’t need to fight for them. You don’t want to mess with whites, blacks, etc, in getting seats. They are worse than Asians. Far worse. I’ve seen a group climbing over barricades in YTFF at the hotel. Wtf. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO EXTREME LIKE CHILL THE FUCK DOWN. 

Airport in Melbourne is insane. So far and lots of fans were there. Absolutely horrible. I’ve only gotten a selfie with Tyde, Ricky and Shelby. Connor and Troye were escorted out. Security became more strict and all. Ew. I was literally behind Ricky the whole time as he went down though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ m&g was fine but could be improved greatly. They didn’t allow autographs, only selfies, one form of pictures, only 30 seconds. That was it. One of the worst m&g. Results of bad planning. Try organizing half a year earlier. The show was supposed to start at 7.30. The doors ended up opening at 7.30. Very smart Amplify/MCA. 

Ryan told me I could bring my dslr and use it during the show, security ended up telling me it’s restricted – wtf????? 

Fans ended up leaving their seats and blocking our view despite me being in the second row. Erm. I almost shouted at the girl jumping on the chair in front of me to fuck off. Like hello, I paid for this. It’s second row middle seats. Fuck off before I push you. Which I didn’t. Don’t worry πŸ˜‚ 

MERCH WAS EXPENSIVE. $70 for a sweater? Hell naw. And very limited. But at least there’s actually merch. Unlike YTFF, they didn’t have any. 

Apparently there was supposed to be a red carpet and a dance party but they were cancelled without any notice. In which YTFF legit had a red carpet for both youtubers and us (sort of) before letting us into the venue. 

After the show, I felt like nothing happened. As if I didn’t go for the event. I was never really excited for the show except for meeting my idols, duh. 

Overall, it was not bad. Needs to be more organized. Learn from mistakes. Don’t be as strict. Learn from other big events, not only Vidcon. Cause Vidcon, you can meet them without queuing. And I’m sure the tics are differently priced. Like you could meet lots of them without paying a huge amount just to see more than half of the line up not the ones you want to meet and all. Lots of areas to improve. Hope you’ll be better next year Amplify. Or sales might decrease. 

Also, look out for a video in the next few days. 😏😏

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