Youth Sensation – Tiffany Alvord and Tanner Patrick in Singapore

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Tuesday, 2nd Dec 2014.
Tiffany and Tanner arrived at Changi Airport T1 in Singapore.
As my friend volunteered to help the company, she knew their flight details on what time they’re arriving.
Thus making that moment feel very relaxed and like we didn’t stalk them at all. It felt weird.
All I took was polaroids and selfies with them.
Random fact, Tanner remembers me from posting our picture together from last year on instagram as a throwback XD Quoted from him, “I saw it on my camera roll so I posted it.” 8’D He actually also tagged me in the photo when I commented on it (with friends informing me that he posted my photo).
They had charity stuff afterwards, so I didn’t stalk them or anything.

Wednesday, they had press conference, m&g, etc.

Thursday, fun fun fun.
I arrived around 1pm during their soundcheck. Saw acquaintances who seemed like they didn’t like me lol
So basically I stayed there by myself, waiting for friends to arrive.
Security were chasing us away in which I lied and said my friend was in the toilet, I was waiting for her to come back. XD
Tanner was on stage fooling around and sitting down while waiting for everything to be set up.
He was in a black beanie, Never Basic black shirt, black jeans and maroon shoes. I don’t even know how does he stand the heat in almost full black. OTL
He was soundchecking Clarity, Merry Go Round, Roar and Shake It Off when Tiffany came over.

My friends and I decided to buy them Gong Cha bubble milk tea in which in total we bought about 5/6?
Shawnz and Cherie (Tiff’s mum) were far from the gate and we couldn’t get their attention to pass them the drinks.
However, suddenly Tiffany came out and saw us!
She was excited to see us all and even more when she saw that we bought her and the rest bubble milk tea! XD

2014-12-08 14.56.20
Tammy gave Tiffany a skunk soft toy in which TAMMY thought it was an owl. Ideky. It also gave creepy laugh noises. ._.

She also gave Tanner a puppy soft toy.

2014-12-08 14.53.13
Tammy lent her hotspot to Tanner so that he could post the playground photograph of him and Tiffany onto instagram.
In which in this photograph, he was posing for me and smiling where I couldn’t see from my angle. XD

When we talked about “Taffy”, Tammy said he ships them as “Tanny” or something along there XD And Tanner was just “that’s what my ex called me last time”. All 3 of us just went “Ooooo that would be bad.” Hahaha
We then left them as they were heading off to Din Tai Fung for late lunch and early dinner.
My friends and I proceeded to sitting outside of Din Tai Fung while I was on the line with my friend about what happened since I was at RWS.
We weren’t thinking of stalking them further. It was simply us chilling outside and chatting about really random things while Dayna grabbed my dslr to take photos of random things, even when I was still on the line.
Shawnz or however you spell his name exactly, all I know is that he has a ‘z’ at the end. He came over to ask about their marketing/advertising which I felt like it wasn’t reaching out to a lot of people actually. Whereas for UTD, it was well received, on both Facebook and Twitter, though not as famous as Tiffany and Tanner.

Afterwards, we saw Tanner going into Candylicious by himself. Obviously we didn’t follow him inside, except for Sharon. Sharon was helping him to choose different kinds of chocolate so that he can eat while he edit his cover (Amnesia which he has already uploaded. Go watch it if you’ve not!!). He ended up choosing peppermint chocolate.
When we saw Tiffany and her family plus Faith walking back towards the hotel, naturally I felt awkward to approach her so as we walked towards her, we decided to just head into Candylicious to find Tanner and Sharon.
Tanner obviously welcomed us to join him and we talked about ships of him with Tiffany, Chrissy and Taylor.
As I asked him last year, which he didn’t give me then, I asked again for his guitar pick. He took out about 9 picks from his pocket! He has 2 more stacks with him in his guitar case XD.
He also took out his jetstar flight ticket and a 22nd May 2014 Seoul ticket from his pocket.
“When was the last time you washed this pair of jeans?”
As we were in the middle of the shop, we asked if he wanted to go out of the shop so we aren’t being a nuisance to the manager, etc. His response was just “I’m fine! Besides, there’s good music!” XD
He told us about the event stuff and what happened during m&g when he sat on the floor with the rest to eat their packed food. Security came to ask them to stand up, all he said was “I’m fine” Hahahaha He didn’t know that sitting on the floor is not a very good sight for the area and to the other customers in Singapore.

2014-12-08 14.58.06
He took out his beanie and put it back on cause of his messy looking hair XD

2014-12-08 14.59.24
Sharon bought him a I ❤ SG shirt and was taking a photograph of him holding onto it.

2014-12-08 15.00.23
And here’s another from my angle!

2014-12-08 15.02.03
Never Basic BD

2014-12-08 15.02.56
Sharon gave Tanner her pink mini fan so that he can always stay cool while in Singapore. He wanted to “boop” his nose and finger onto the fan XD

As my friend and her friend were reaching soon and Tanner had things to do, we were waiting at the lobby for him to come back down for 2 hours.
We thought he’ll come back down for a while to meet more fans then head on to do his stuff, he ended up editing his cover and ate chocolate. XD We forgive you though, since it’s us who want to meet you and say good bye. :3

((Here’s an extra bit. Gavin Teo walked past and saw us but we didn’t approach him. When he was walking back, Tammy approached him to ask about Tanner – he looked so happy when he saw her until she asked about Tanner. We felt bad so we asked for photographs with him. He’s really nice and he’s full Chinese! JA and Nathan then came down so selfies toooooo~))

Tanner finally came down after editing to leave to the pub at Gardens By The Bay (I almost typed Bae instead hahaha)
After taking photos and having mini conversations, he hugged us all and left.
Since we’ve all yet to eat, we went to McDonald’s since it was the closest.


This gets a bit more personal but I had to let out my feelings so why not add this bit in. If you don’t want to read this, just skip on to the next paragraph.

I came out of my house, not knowing what to do.
My plans were destroyed, one by one.

First, my friend backed out on me and my prop was destroyed by the rain (idek how).
Then I was trying to find out what’s Tanner’s flight is.
We thought it could be the LA flight (9.20am) , it ended up being a Doha flight at 2am. OTL
Went out to meet Tammy late afternoon, thinking of meeting Us The Duo.
(I don’t really know them but I went to accompany her)
Once again, plans ruined.

Tiffany was having her surprise birthday party. And there was a bonus, Tanner, Cal and Garrett were there too.
I was wondering if I should head over, but Tammy didn’t want to. So we proceeded to Orchard, assuming that Gerald and Kimberly will be hosting UTD, ending up being just a Levi promotion thing -.-

When Sharon aka Tanner Patrick SG told me that he’s there at the hotel too, I instantly knew why I felt like I regret coming out, mainly due to how my plans were ruined and unorganised. By that time, it was already 4.45pm (Tiffany tweeted that the ‘m&g’ ends at 5).
We were conflicted between meeting Tiffany and Tanner or go for UTD instead, ending up heading to the hotel to meet Taffy.

My closest friend told me that she had an attack on her insecurities.
Another friend I met through stalking was at AFA, also had an attack due to the crowd and her friend was late, leaving her alone.
Just nice, I almost had one too. It was at its limit. I was close to breaking down.
I thought about how screwed up my day is and my eyes got watery.
I stood at one side, not going towards Tanner nor Tiffany. I had to keep my feelings and emotions hidden deep inside. I was looking up and down, refraining tears from accumulating, breathing deeply to calm myself down.
It took quite a while to take effect.
There was ache in my heart and thoughts were all over the place.
I most likely looked fine to everyone else, but I knew what was happening then.
And here’s what made me distracted from it but came back after a short while and disappears again.
Though I didn’t grab any photos with them during then, I managed to get a hug from each of them before leaving ❤
(I miss them so much TAT)
Tanner grabbed the guitar and sat next to Tiffany, preparing to sing a couple of songs together, as if it was a little gig at the lobby of a hotel XD

Instantly, I took my camera up and recorded the parts when they sang and captured a few Taffy bits ;D

2014-12-08 14.00.45
#Taffy 8’D

2014-12-08 13.59.46
I don’t know how to explain this picture. XD

2014-12-08 14.49.32
That expression on both of their faces tho.

2014-12-08 14.14.24
Tanner performing his new original that he has yet to release. :3

2014-12-08 14.10.46
I love love love this picture of Tiffany ❤










Tanner, Cal and Garrett ended up flying off at 2am on Saturday.
Luckily we found out about it and managed to catch them before they left.
Tanner asked me for 2nd time if I wanted a pick, apart from the first time when I asked. He asked when we were at the hotel.
I also helped Sharon to convey her message through her voice note and a call to Tanner as they went through security.

2014-12-08 14.18.18

2014-12-07 14.20.32

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