YouTube Sensation 2013: Under The Stars @ The Coliseum

27th June 0213:

H&M was giving out a pair of tickets to each of the first 200 people to YouTube Sensation 2013 Under The Stars Concert. We won a pair each and got the chance to get their autographs and take photos with them, we were not allowed to use our own phones to take but I managed to quickly take a shot and hug Tanner Patrick – the picture was not that good but still, A PICTURE! Bobby and Rozz were hosts of the event and we took photos with them too 😀

28th June 2013:

Concert day! Reached there around 1+ and when I was there, managed to take photos with Tanner, Madilyn, Zendee and Peach! 😀 I want a picture with Nate though. Should’ve went to the back during Sam Willows.. Anw, the concert was AMAZING. Boy, these stars have amazing voices! People like Zendee, Madilyn, they have a very unique voice!! ❤ Very powerful and special even though it’s acoustic, respectively. All the high notes, even Nate can reach them! The crowd was high, showing heart signs, bobbing our heads, singing along and all. That night was special in a certain way. Oh and Renee! HER VOICE IS AMAZING. LIKE ZENDEE. Miguel was so cute and he’s good stuff too!!

Before the concert, we managed to get into the hotel to explore and also, it was my first time visiting Hard Rock Hotel. Man, it looks really cool inside and there was live performance at the hotel lobby! 😀 While waiting for my friend, we saw Madilyn! However, the rest went back to rest already QAQ

It was a really fun and exciting day with the Higaholics and some who’re their friends and all. Thank you Aufa, Sarah, Angelo, Edwina, Sylvia, Raziq, Dylan, Sheila, Jacelyn and the rest whom I don’t know your names and not that close but still, thank you! You guys made my day awesome, slacking together at Hard Rock Hotel, near Vivo, just enjoying the ‘scenery’ and lying down, talking about random stuff. Thank you for the awesome brownies and water!! Hahaha man, people should do something about the lighting!! I hope that you guys had fun with me too :3