Wong Fu & David Choi in Singapore

I know it’s been more than a month since the event but I still want to talk about what happened and show a few photos on it.

9th February, Wes and Phil arrived in Singapore and I got to meet them at the airport! All thanks to Soulheartist for giving us hints on their arrival. Thanks Marcus and Jeanne! 😀 Managed to take 2 photos with them outside of Burger King. (Lol Burger King. Lighting wasn’t that good either but pictures :D)

2014-02-17 00.19.51



[So apparently someone took my photo with Wes, cropped me out of the photo and sent to people the cropped picture of Wes. Without my acknowledge. And replying with “haha” doesn’t seem sincere at all. So please, to everyone wanting to crop someone out of their photo, do ask them for permission which most likely it’s a no but still, ASK.]

Back to WF. I found out their hotel by Wes’ and Phil’s photo of the swimming pool view. I literally searched on google “Singapore hotel outdoor pool” ._. Not the best search to find things but hey, I found it lol. We (by “We”, I meant my friend and I) decided to try our luck on 11th February (which is also the Q&A event day) morning. As we arrived, we did see them at the side, having their meeting. We didn’t want to bother them during that time so we decided to wait for about 3 hours till it’s lunch period and see if they have spare time to take photos with us. We waited around the lobby, outside the lobby, and BAM. We recognized Marcus and asked if it’s okay to ask the guys for a photo. He was really nice to ask them down, well they were about to come down for lunch anyway but still-, helped us take a group photo with each of them.


2014-02-11 10.37.24

2014-02-11 11.27.05
It was near Valentine’s so why shouldn’t we not randomly give Phil and Wes fake rose?

2014-02-11 14.35.08

2014-02-11 11.59.33 So if you saw their photo in the egg chair thing, this was one of it :3


2014-02-11 22.54.45


We were satisfied by the photos and autograph, didn’t want to ask for more and bother them too much, we left to Lasalle, expecting a long queue by then but no. There was no queue AT ALL. Since we didn’t eat a thing, LUNCH AT LOWERCASE IT IS!

2014-02-11 13.54.51

While waiting for food and see something pretty, you get a shot of it.

After eating, we created our own queue so we were literally the first few. Managed to make new friends! Sudha, Fareesya, Sudha’s ex teacher Jay Cheong, girl from KL who’s name I forgot (IM SORRY ><) and some on twitter!

[If we became friends on twitter and you saw me, say Hi! :D]



2014-02-11 17.24.18

There were a few nice shots that I took so yay!

Clearly this is one of my favorite shots ❤

2014-03-09 03.09.12Sleepy Phil with extremely long legs. Or maybe it’s the angle and the couch. Nah, he’s tall.

2014-03-09 03.07.11Phil looks really cute here. :3

[If you want to use these photos, please do credit me. Thank you! My social media are at the side bar. Do tag me in them! ;D]

M&G was okayyyy. Sorry about the random dog leash lol and hope you guys liked your presents!!

Somehow we found out their flight timing to Kuching…. Yes, we went to the airport again at T1 – we were wondering if it’s T3 or T1. I just had that feeling that it was T1 and apparently I was the only one being positive that we didn’t miss them. I was watching Digital Commanders and when it hanged, PHIL APPEARED. We panicked and my voice was super high-pitched, trying to call 2 of my friends to come over ASAP. Also, Marcus went “you guys again!” XD

2014-02-12 21.29.34
Because Kinetic Rain is cool, he had to get a shot of it and never post about it.

2014-02-12 21.07.44

 2014-02-12 17.54.52
They didn’t have enough time so GROUP PHOTO IT IS!

2014-02-12 13.17.08
HELLO FROM ABOVE (not heaven of course)

2014-02-12 12.48.17
Group shot (with the boys at the back lol)

2014-02-12 12.42.18
At least before they leave for Kuching, I managed to take a selfie with Phil 😀

Wild David Choi was in Singapore and we didn’t know when he arrived but suddenly he’s having a free concert and m&g on 15th and 16th February at W Singapore. *whispers* Fall Out Boy and Before You Exit stayed there before.

Found out WF’s arrival from Kuching. So yes, 3rd time in the airport. Took Polaroids with them. Yay~! 😀 Aaaaand I got to meet up again with Harsh, Vin and Emil! Almost one year guys. ;D

Mini concert was amazeballs. New and not that old songs 😀 Hopefully David has fully recovered. Well he probably recovered already. I mean, it’s a few weeks ago! ((PENIS SUIT))

2014-02-18 14.28.09  Yes, I can see that he looks constipated but that face when he sings tho

 2014-02-18 15.12.13 #ootd for David’s ‘concert’

 2014-02-15 21.23.09-1 Quick selfie 😀

Surprise Guests at M&G? Straightaway, WONGFU. And JinnyBoy and Reuben.

2014-02-16 17.13.38

2014-02-16 15.21.56

2014-02-16 18.43.16Group pic! (Cause Marcus didn’t allow us to take individual ):)

2014-02-17 09.50.46 Thank you for taking the time to take photos with us! We really appreciate it!

2014-02-18 14.16.27
And enjoy this image of Marcus in front of the ‘boy band’

2014-02-18 16.49.47
Random fact, I like this photo.

David’s Nasi Lemak shirt. Do you need a Chicken Rice shirt too?
So it seems that Phil and Wes (and Marcus lol) remembers me (and my friend). 😀 WEEEEEEEEE ACHIEVEMENT COMPLETE. *ticks*

The “very professional” stalkers, us, found out their departure back to LA. 4th time. Record broken. I think. Managed to say a last goodbye till the next time we see them if we ever do.

2014-02-18 01.27.36
(Sara Ann likes this shot :3)

Really hope that all of them enjoyed their time here in Singapore! I was hoping for more socializing time actually, but each of you have many important things to do so it’s alright! We’ll meet again someday for another event. Maybe the guys still remember me. Who knows? :3